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1,000 Years In Service To
God and 2 Countries
The Walters of Wales and the Waters of Herfordshite moved to United States from Hertfordshire, UK and were involved in settling the Colony of Virginia and1812; Civil War; and served in WWII and more current and more current public service activities .... 1986-2018
National Surveys, Audits &
Bibliographies 1986-2017
The National Survey On Social Services ran from 1986-1997 Noted*model social service programs a review of programs with a proven track record of performance. *Title 42 USC 11301 Homeless Act 1986 *Community Service Block Grants *Welfare Reform Act of 1996 Amendment Food Stamp Act

This link reviews ongoing research in areas of research related to "Homeland Security" such as USA Freedom Act of 2015 Profile reports on *organized criminal activities and *terrorist activies: * Bibliography on Sub Atomic Physics *Emergency Management Network Washington State 1988-2012 Audit of SSA Disability Process ran from 1997-2017 reviews frauds, hoaxes, and shams associated which cause massive program losses

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This website contains "reports;audits; and surverys authorzed by the 107th Congress and submitted as "Evidence and Testimony to Congress and UNHCHR Legal discussions on the contents of this website are reserved to Congressional Committees:
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